After 3 years of guiding TBI Albert Einstein library, On August 14, 2020, the Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Team carried out an activity to release TBI Albert Einstein from the foundation’s guidance by handing it over to the school where it is located.

TBI Albert Einstein library, which is located at SD Dinamika Indonesia, Ciketing Udik, Bantar Gebang, Bekasi, West Java, has carried out many activities that are very useful for children around the library. In addition, the existence of this library also helps all students to enjoy quality reading material and many literacy activities are held in the library. The release of the library itself was carried out symbolically by handing over a canvas. The school was represented by Bapak Nasrudin as the principal of the school and Ibu Sulih as a representative of the Foundation. Meanwhile, TBI Foundation was represented by Ibu Yessi Chandra as the Chairperson of the Taman Baca Inovator Foundation and Ibu Ani as staff of TBI Albert Einstein.

Ibu Ani said that during the mentoring period, there were many positive impacts. Not only for the children but also for herself. For example, the training held by TBI has improved her capabilities. Ibu Ani learned a lot about how to manage and organize activities at the library.

Meanwhile, many children felt helped by the presence of TBI Albert Einstein. Ibu Ani said that many children in Bantar Gebang are already fluent in reading because they often visit the library. One of them is Yati, a junior high school student. “Before, since elementary school, Yati was not fluent in reading and was shy. After this TBI library is established and since she learns to read every morning, now Yati is fluent in reading and can help other children who are not yet fluent in reading”.

With the release of this library, TBI Foundation hopes that TBI Albert Einstein library can still be active even though it is no longer accompanied by the central team, and can become an example for every new and existing library under the foundations’ supervision. Hopefully, the TBI Foundation can continue its literacy activities in other regions in Indonesia.

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