Hello, Friends of Inovator! Who likes to ride the Electric Train or Commuter Line? Well, this time we will hear stories from Ica and Ima (TBI Si Karel Staff). TBI Si Karel library is located in Sukasari Village, Tenjo, Bogor Regency, West Java. The TBI library is the result of a collaboration between Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Foundation and PT. Kereta Commuter Indonesia. Let’s read on to know about the story from Ica and Ima!

Hello, I am Siti Hoiriyatunnisa, a TBI Si Karel staff member. This is my lament about the COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on the TBI Si Karel Tenjo community. The situation has created a big worry for many people and affects activities in each of the TBI libraries.

Indeed, it is troubling because we usually learn and play every day with the children who visit the TBI library but since this pandemic, we can no longer do it. All of us are forced to not learn and play and gather at the TBI library for a while. This is of course a very big effect for every TBI library. Normally, many children come to TBI happily. The library can have 20 or more children visiting in a day to study, play, and read books. However, since the start of this pandemic, they fear and anxious coming to the library. They used to play and read books together, but now they can only borrow books and read at home.

It is very sad, especially as we usually had quite a lot of children coming to the TBI library. Some children even came from another village. They came all the way to our village just to visit our TBI library.

This pandemic also makes children’s enthusiasm decrease. As their homes are quite far from the TBI library, they now rarely come to borrow some books. Only a few still come to borrow books. However, I try to always encourage them to read books and study at home and tell them to wear masks when they leave the house, wash their hands, live healthily, and ask them to pray so that all of this will soon pass.

Now, let’s read the story from Ima!

Hello, I’m Ima, a staff member of TBI Si Karel. I want to talk about my experience managing the TBI library during this pandemic. There has been a slight difference. For instance, the children can no longer read books, play, and do other activities at the TBI library anymore. However, thankfully some children are still willing to read books. During the pandemic, TBI Si Karel temporarily lends books to children who cannot come to our library so they can continue reading even at home.

Those are the story from Ica and Ima. Hopefully, TBI Si Karel will still be missed even though the children cannot visit it as usual. At least TBI Si Karel has tried to develop a culture of reading for the children even if it needs to be done at home.

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