Book Management

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Every TBI library that we assist will receive up to 1500 children’s books. Of course, the large number of books must be maintained and used properly. Book Management material is…

Innovative program

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The innovative programs are about planned routine activities that enliven TBI activities. Each TBI library has unique programs in accordance with the traditions of the region. The innovative programs are…

Storytelling Training

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Storytelling is a very fun activity for children. Some children prefer storytelling than reading books on their own, especially children who have not yet entered elementary school. Storytelling is also…

Design Program

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Program design is a very important training to be provided for each TBI staff. The material provides an overview about the sustainability of a TBI library in the future when…

Learning Method

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Learning Method training is conducted so that staff and teachers understand how to educate children based on children's visual, auditory and kinesthetic abilities. Every child is born with different abilities…

Class Management

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Class management training is mainly given to the staff of TBI libraries that are located at school libraries. We often found that some teachers are less skillful in creating a…

Positive Parenting Training

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Positive parenting knowledge is very important to be disseminated to parents of children who frequently visit Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) libraries. Parenting and education in the family are first and…

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