To ensure the children can deal with the 21st-century problems, we strive to develop the concept of skills development for them—especially children in Taman Baca Inovator. The said program is a 3C skills program, namely Critical Thinking, Complexity Problem Solving, and Creativity.

The demands of the problems in the 21st-century are:

  1. a variety of information that is very abundant within easy reach can be accessed wherever and whenever we want to. That is why it requires Critical Thinking to analyze which information is relevant.
  2. There is an increasing amount of complex problems with so many variables, which makes Taman Baca Inovator need to teach the children to solve their problems.
  3. The increasingly advanced Technology where are currently many developments in Computing Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) fields. Therefore, Creativity must be instilled in children at an early age.

The main principle of this 3C Skills Program is to entrust the children with solving their problems. But from the parent’s point of view, they only need to guide and encourage the children to enhance their skills. Hopefully, the children armed with 3C Skills can face and deal with the 21st-century challenges that await them in the future.