United we stand, divided we fall.Different, but still one

History has recorded a colonial period before Indonesia’s independence. Today, the country is free after 350 years of Dutch colonialism and 3.5 years of Japanese occupation.

Looking back into the history before independence, there was a difference of opinion between the youth group and the older group. The youth group insisted that Indonesia should be independent as soon as possible without waiting for Japanese approval. On the other hand, the older group wanted to give Japan a chance to grant independence. In the end, Indonesia’s founding fathers, Ir. Soekarno and Moh.Hatta, were kidnapped and hidden in Rengasdengklok. It was not an act of revenge by the youth group, rather, it was intended to keep them away from the temptations and distractions that raise doubts about the independence of Indonesia.

Based on the brief historical snippet, we can see that there were sacrifices made before the independence, there was the unity of the youth, who insisted on independence. Young groups united and worked together, shared the same thinking, had an agreement, and received support for Indonesian independence. The story has the same spirit as the saying at the beginning of this article, namely β€œUnited we stand, divided we fall.”

Well, how about us #SobatInovator, has the principle continued in our lives? There are many things that require us to work together and unite to achieve a common goal, common prosperity. Aside from colonialism, we can see unity in small examples around us, such as working on group assignments, mutual cooperation between villages, and building houses for the people in villages. It sounds simple but it is very important to do. In group learning, it may be possible if there is only one person working, but it will take a long time, and those who work will be smarter. The same goes for the mutual cooperation between villages and house construction collaboration. We need unity for all of that.

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Besides, #SobatInovator, we can see that many organizations or communities have been formed between tribes, clans, professions, and so on in various fields such as education, housing and food, health, environment, and many more that cannot be mentioned one by one. The goal is of course is to achieve the common objective, and thus to reduce disunity. The saying “Diversity of One”Β  is used to describe Indonesia as one nation with various ethnic groups, religions, languages, and races. But we can also apply the same principle to work hand in hand to alleviate the impact of the disasters that have hit the country, including the Aceh Tsunami, the Palu Tsunami, Landslides, Earthquakes, Jakarta Floods, and Fires, and even the Covid-19 pandemic. Those who did not experience the disaster were moved regardless of who was the victim, all empathized and participated to help through the government, organizations, and other institutions. As a young generation, we should be prepared to face all obstacles and challenges with solidarity, cooperation, and tolerance at the forefront, especially in facing technological advances, where conflicts may arise because of hoaxes. We are expected to maintain our sense of unity, be able to unite to adapt to the changing times, be smarter in making choices and be an example. It is the dream of our ancestors for our generation to be better than them in their time.


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