Taman Baca Inovator Pytagoras, located in Kamal Village, Arjasa-Jember, East Java has been assisted by Taman Baca Inovator head office team for approximately three years. There have been many literacy activities carried out at this reading garden such as reading, writing, arithmetic, and other literacy activities. On August 7, 2020, the Taman Baca Inovator head office team had an exit to this reading garden. Meaning that the Taman Baca Inovator Pytagoras has become an independent Taman Baca Inovator and is expected to continue the literacy activities on their own without being assisted by the TBI head office team.

Pak Kusno, who is a staff of Taman Baca Inovator Pytagoras, has a high enthusiasm for spreading literacy activities in his immediate vicinity. Given that the Taman Baca Inovator Pytagoras is located in his house, he usually brings books to several places with the hope that children can keep reading and doing literacy activities. Recently he carried out a literacy activity by bringing books to Alhikmah orphanage for the children there. This kind of activity certainly gives a big impact on the children to keep reading.

The children at Alhikmah orphanage were very enthusiastic about the book event held by Pak Kusno. Some of them looked and seek the books they would read. The children’s exhilaration can be seen when they made a circle by bringing and reading the books they had chosen. This kind of activity is very positive and they hope it will be done more frequently.

Even though he is no longer assisted by Taman Baca Inovator head office team, Pak Kusno, the staff of the Taman Baca Inovator Pytagoras still shows his enthusiasm to continue spreading literacy in his immediate vicinity. With the hope that Taman Baca Pytagoras continues to give positive impacts on the community there, especially children. Last but not least, for the other Taman Baca Inovator which are currently still being accompanied by the Taman Baca Inovator head office can stay spiritful like Taman Baca Inovator Pytagoras.


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