Address :
SDN Pantai Makmur 3, Muara Tawar Village, Taruma Jaya District

City :

Province :
West Java

Month of Opened:
12 Oktober 2019

Month of Released:
16 Oktober 2021

TBI William Gilbert TBI library is located in SDN Pantai Makmur 03 Elementary School, Muara Tawar Village, Taruma Jaya District, Bekasi Regency. The school housed 440 students among its 6 grades. In the future, the books provided William Gilbert TBI library can be used by the 440 children who study around the TBI library.

The TBI William Gilbert was established in collaboration with PT. PJB Up Muara Tawar. The establishment of the TBI libray was prompted by a revitalization to reutilize and reactivate SD Makmur 03 Elementary School’s library by PT. PJB Up Muara Tawar. The library was inactive for a long time prior to the revitalization. In addition, children in the area also have low level of reading interest, which also triggered the establishment of William Gilbert TBI library. The William Gilbert TBI library received support from many parties in its establishment, such as; school parties, school committees, and children in the surrounding areas. They hope that the TBI library can support the School Literacy Movement, namely the 15-minute reading movement conducted before school lessons start. Hopefully, with its establishment, the TBI library can increase children’s interest in reading, and become a fun learning place for the children.

The TBI library is named after William Gilbert, a British doctor and a natural philosopher in the 16th century. Gilbert was known as the father of physics and electromagnetics. In the field of medicine, Gilbert gained extraordinary fame and became the personal physician of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Gilbert’s most famous work is called De Magnete, a text published in 1600, which was a physics reference material in England. The term ‘electricity’ was also first introduced by Gilbert. Gilbert’s discoveries in the world of electricity includes electric attraction, electric force, and magnetic poles.

Although Gilbert was already known as a capable doctor and natural philosopher, Gilbert continued to study and gain deeper knowledge about electricity and magnetic fields until he finally discovered the earth’s magnets in the earth’s poles, namely the north magnetic field of the south pole and the magnetic field south of the north pole. Gilbert’s discovery had become the basis for further researches. Based on this background story, we hope that the children at TBI William Gilbert can have a strong, diligent, and enthusiastic tendencies like William Gilbert.

on 14 October 2021, Taman Baca Inovator William Gilbert was released and no longer accompanied by Taman Baca Inovator Foundation. Taman Baca Inovator William Gilbert was attended by Yayasan Taman Baca Inovator Team, Headmaster of SDN Pantai Makmur 03, Teachers and also representative of PT PJB Muara Tawar. We hope that, released of Taman Baca Inovator William Gilbert will give positive impacts for the children who always do some activities there.