SDN Inpres 1 Seira, Tamin Village, Wermaktian

Southeast West Maluku


Month Opened:
Mei 2017

Exit Opened:
12 September 2020

Taman Baca Inovator Robert Godart

Seira Island is located in Wermaktian District, Maluku Tenggara Barat (Southeast West Maluku) regency. It takes a full day to reach the area by plane, motorbike, ship and speedboat respectively. Seira Island consists of 5 neighboring villages with the total population of 6.890 people. Most of the people work as fishermen and cassava, papaya, coconut or copra (dried coconut meat) farmers. Most of the farmers have their own land in different islands and it requires them to stay there for 6 months to cultivate the land and thus barely able to see their children. Their jam packed activities reduce the amount of attention given to their children and some of them even ask their children to help them work which results in their children’s education to be neglected

There are 6 Elementary Schools, 1 junior High School, 1 High School and 1 Vocational High School in Seira. Despite the provision of education institutions for each level of education, there are still some students in higher level of educations who are still unable to read and write properly. The schools also still implement conventional teaching activities and the children still feel that studying at school is a burdensome obligation.

There are around 1.245 children in Seira who still need more entertaining learning facilities and a good access to high-quality reading materials. The children’s spirit to learn only starts to emerge following an event of educational movie screening entitled Menonton Film Edukasi (Watching Educative Movies), and such potential requires to be developed further. Through Taman Baca Inovator Robert Goddart, the children can get reading materials which will foster their imagination and improve their willingness to read.

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