Taman Baca Inovator Robert Boyle

RA / TK Al-Mabrur, Jl. Pahlawan (Belakang KUA) Kel. Mauk Timur Kec. Mauk.



Month Opened:
10 November 2020

On Heroes’ Day, 10 November 2020, Yayasan Taman Baca Inovator inaugurated a new reading garden in East Mauk village, Mauk district, Tangerang Regency, Banten province. The name of the reading garden is Taman Baca Inovator Robert Boyle, taken from one of the reputable scientists’s name from Ireland. The inauguration was attended by various parties, from the school, the local government, and Yayasan Happy Hearts Indonesia, a collaborative partner of TBI in the reading garden program in East Mauk village.

The location of TBI Robert Boyle is right in one of the rooms in RA / TK Al-Mabrur. RA/TK Al-Mabrur itself is an educational institution under the management of Yayasan Al-Mabrur. Apart from RA/TK, the Yayasan Al-Mabrur also manages MI/SD and SMP/MTs, all of which are located in an educational complex, an alternative educational space for the people of East Mauk village.

Taman Baca Inovator Robert Boyle

East Mauk Village is a village or sub-district located in Mauk district, Tangerang regency. The Mauk community is a heterogeneous society consisting of Javanese ethnicity (Java Banten), Sundanese, Betawi, and Chinese. Javanese ethnicity comes from the Cirebon community who migrated to Banten since the establishment of the Banten sultanate. Meanwhile, for the Sundanese ethnicity, based on history, we can ascertain that they are the original inhabitants of Mauk because it is still within the Kingdom of Padjadjaran’s territory. As for the Betawi and Chinese ethnicities, they came from Batavia (Jakarta).

With the inauguration of the TBI Robert Boyle in East Mauk village, we hope that in the future that TBI can become a forum for children in East Mauk village to develop their potential through books available at TBI Robert Boyle. Moreover, we also hope that TBI Robert Boyle can trigger children in East Mauk Village to always like reading.