Lumbansoit Village, Hutauruk District, sipoholon

North Tapanuli

North Sumatera

Month Opened:
30 October 2017

Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Robert Baden Powell is a library affiliated with Yayasan Taman Baca Inovator. The TBI library was first inaugurated on 15 February 2018 in Hutauruk Hasundutan village, namely on SDN Lumban Soit elementary school’s library. The elementary school itself has only 6 rooms and 99 students, but despite its location in SDN Lumban Soit, TBI Robert Baden Powell is not only visited the elementary school’s students but also by middle school and high school students.

The children at Hutauruk Hasundutan village have low reading interest due to lack of books available in the village and in the nearby schools. It is only natural that when TBI Robert Baden Powell was first opened in the village, it was able to attract many children to come and read in the TBI. Up until today, many children are still visiting TBI Robert Baden Powell every day.

TBI Robert Baden Powell is the first and only TBI in North Sumatra Province. More precisely, it is located in Sipoholon Sub-district, North Tapanuli. The Hutauruk Hasundutan village itself is not too far from Silangit Airport, with only around 1-hour drive. It could be reached with rental cars available in Silangit Airport. The village is beautiful with a nice cool weather. The majority of the villagers work as farmers. For the moment, the village has not appointed its new Village Head and is currently managed by the Village Supervisory Board.

After school, the children at Hutauruk Hasundutan village is used to work with their parents at the farm or doing some chores at home. But this is not a happy news since the children are actually not yet ready for the works. Therefore, with the opening of TBI Robert Baden Powell in the village, it is expected that the number of children working could be reduced and they would be introduced to high-quality reading materials.