Sri Karang RejoVillage, Sungai Lalan District

Musi Banyuasin

South Sumatera

Month Opened:
30 April 2016

Sri Karang Rejo village, located in Lalan district, Musi Banyuasin regency, is one of the transmigration districts opened in 1991. Along with its development, Sri Karang Rejo village currently consists of around 12 RT (neighborhood groups) divided into 4 hamlets. Sri Karang Rejo village has the population of around 890 inhabitants with 215 patriarchs.

The trip from Sri Karang Rejo village to the district center is ± 7 km, accessible by land transportation on a dirt road passing through rice fields or plantations. As for the trip to the capital of Musi Banyuasin regency, one must pass through Palembang City. The mileage from Sri Karang Rejo village to Palembang using water transportation, i.e. speed boat 200PK, is around ± 4 hours with around Rp130.000,00 fare per person. This speed boat only operates once in a day. It sets off from the village at 08.00 WIB and arrives at Jembatan Ampera harbor Palembang at 12.00 WIB.

As for the electric facilities, Sri Karang Rejo village has already obtained the access of electricity from a Diesel Power Plant, usually called as MEP (Muba Electric Power), owned by Musi Banyuasin Regional Government. However, the access of the electricity is strictly based on the schedule; once in two days with the details of one night the electricity is on from 18.00 – 00.00 and one night the electricity is off. The source of water used by the villagers comes from the rainwater and wells which are purposely made by the villagers.

Most of Sri Karang Rejo villagers work as farmers. It is related to the condition of the people in this village which are mostly transmigration program participants. At the beginning of the opening of the transmigration land, each of the villagers gets the share of farming land with the span of 2 hectares and ¼ hectare as the site location for housing from the government. The main source of income of the villagers are food crops and plantations products such as rubber, coconut, and palm oil.

The formal education institution in this village is in the form of Elementary School, namely SDN Sri Karang Rejo, a PAUD (Early Childhood Education), and Aisiyah Bustanul Atfal Kinder Garten. As for the junior high school education and its higher education, the villagers must go to Sri Karang Rejo village. Most of the Elementary School graduates continue their Junior and Senior High School education in the district (Bandar Agung village) which is around 7 km away from Sri Karang Rejo village.

TBI Nobel is located in Madrasah Diniyah Awaliyah As-syifa building with Mr. Umar Sodiq as the manager, assisted by Mr. Tukirin. This TBI was officially opened on 1 March 2016 and the opening hour of the TBI itself starts from 09.00 – 17.00 adjusting with the free time of the children there.

Mr. Umar Sodiq and Mr. Sudaryanto are the staffs of TBI Alferd Nobel. Both of them are local figures who care about the children’s education in Sri Karang Rejo. In addition to both, Mr. Tukirin is a teacher who is also one of the local figures who has a high level of dedication to helping the establishment of Taman Baca Inovator in Sri Karang Rejo village.

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