SDN No. 175744 Hutaraja, Hutaraja Village, Sipoholon District

North Tapanuli

North Sumatera

Month Opened:
23 June 2021

Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Maria Sybilla Merian library was established on June 24, 2021, at the SDN 175744 Hutaraja Elementary School Library in Hutaraja Village, Sipoholon District, North Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra. The establishment of the library was warmy welcomed by the school. The principal of SDN 175744 Hutaraja, Ibu Rusmida Simamora hopes that the school would be able to utilize the books from TBI to increase reading interest in Hutaraja Village which would start from their school.

The school is supportive of TBI activities. Some of the books have already been shipped. The books given have been sorted according to the needs of the children at TBI Maria Sybilla Merian library. The school has also arranged the room to be as comfortable as possible for the children. One of the teachers and branch staff, Ibu Netti Hutasoit, said that she had long wanted their school to have a library equipped with picture books that children liked.

The establishment of TBI Maria Sybilla Merian library was also attended by the Sipoholon Regional Coordinator and Supervisor who advised TBI to continue to open its libraries in small villages to eliminate underdevelopment.

TBI Maria Sybilla Merian’s name is taken from the name of a German naturalist, nature artist, and scientific illustrator who studies plants and insects. She made detailed paintings of insect and plant life which he studied. Her documentation made a major contribution to the science of entomology. We hope that the name will inspire the children in Hutaraja village to be not only smart but also diligent in reaching their dreams.