Taman Baca Inovator Kunang-Kunang

SDN 03 Pawenang, Pawenang Village


West Java

Month Opened:
31 Januari 2019

Kunang-Kunang TBI library is a library affiliated with Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Foundation. The TBI library was officially opened on January 31, 2019, at the library of SDN Pawenang 03 elementary school in Pawenang Village, Nagrak District, Sukabumi, West Java. Despite being located in an elementary school, the library’s visitors are not limited to the elementary school’s students. Junior high school and senior high school students also visit the library frequently.

The children in Pawenang Village are very fond of reading, but it had been difficult for them to access quality books. Therefore, it is not surprising that the reading corner has been successful in attracting children to visit and read. Until today, the library is still busy every day with many children visiting. Kunang-Kunang TBI library is the first and only TBI library in Sukabumi, located in Nagrak District. Access to Pawenang is not too difficult especially after the Bocimi toll gate was opened. To reach the reading corner, people can use various private or public vehicles. It takes around 4 hours from Jakarta to reach the location.

The Pawenang Village itself is a beautiful village with cool weather and green surroundings. The majority of the population is farmers. The village is led by a village head who cares about education. After school, the children of Pawenang Village have been accustomed to continuing their day by studying in religious schools. We hope that the TBI library in Pawenang could bring added value to the education in the village as we aim to improve education by establishing TBI Libraries in various regions in Indonesia.