Lagalete Village, West Wewewa Barat

Southwest Sumba

East Nusa Tenggara

Month Opened:
13 August 2020

Precisely on November 26, 2019, TBI Joseph Henry, which is located in Lagalete Village, Loura District, Southwest Sumba was officially opened with delight. TBI Joseph Henry is one of three TBI libraries in Sumba Island. The room used by TBI Joseph Henry is a used container that has been transformed into a comfortable place to read. Although not too large in size, children love to come to the library. The library was established thanks to our collaboration with the Happy Heart Indonesia Foundation. The foundation, which is engaged in school renovation activities, helped TBI find a place that needed a library and provided a space. The Joseph Henry TBI library is very strategically located and close to the children, as it is located in the Pelangi PAUD neighborhood and close to Wannobaru Elementary School, Lagalete Village.

The village is located relatively far from the city center. From Sumba Airport, it can take about 50 minutes to reach the area. The area that has a lot of plantations and a very friendly population. On average, the local population make a living by gardening and raising livestock. Even though the average education of the surrounding community is not very high, parents strongly support their children to get a higher education, and certainly support their children to always come to the Joseph Henry TBI library.

Of course. the people who are most happy with the existence of Joseph Henry’s TBI library are the children of Lagalete village. During the opening, a large number of them came to see their new library, making the library unable to accommodate so many children who came at the same time. It was not only children who were enthusiastic, parents also came to the TBI event and also helped the establishment of Henry Joseph TBI library.

The name Joseph Henry is used to honor the inventor of electric bell, who was a hard worker who never gave up. We hope that another β€˜Joseph Henry’ will be born from Lagalete Village, that the library will create new inventors from the children who often come to read at the library. With access to quality books for children in Lagalete Village, we hope to help improve the quality of Indonesian education.

Viva Inovator!