SD N Amsila, Naunu Village, Fatuleu District


East Nusa Tenggara

Month Opened:
29 Mei 2021

Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Johann Philipp Reis library was established on May 29, 2021, at Amsila State Elementary School, Naunu Village, Fatuleu District, Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Construction of the library building began in November 2020, and it was completed in January 2021. The Happy Heart Indonesia Foundation collaborated with Taman Baca Inovator Foundation to manage Johann Philipp Reis TBI library. The inauguration of Johann Philipp Reis TBI library was attended by community leaders, committee chairmen, parents of students, church councils, and also the Happy Heart Indonesia team.

The Johann Philipp Reis TBI library is located in the Fatuleu sub-district which is close to Mount Fatuleu in Kupang Regency. Access to the Johann Philipp Reis Reading Park is very different from other TBI libraries. To reach Johann Philipp Reis TBI library, you will have to pass through fields, hills, and rocky roads and will receive unstable phone signals during that time. It is indeed located far from the city. The Amsila Elementary School that housed the library has 55 students and was founded in 2013. The children and teachers of Amsila Elementary School are very friendly.

The students of Amsila Elementary School were very happy when TBI Johann Philipp Reis was established because the library has storybooks with pictures, fairy tale storybooks, and other types of books. TBI Johann Philipp Reis is open to the general public, and local communities. Children from other schools are also allowed to read books available at TBI Johann Philipp Reis. With the wide variety of books, the Principal of Amsila Elementary School hopes that children’s interest in reading will increase because of the interesting books provided and hence also gain more knowledge and insight through reading. Previously, Amsila Elementary School only had textbooks at the school. With a library at the school, now it can help to facilitate children who want to read and give them easy access to borrow books.

With the TBI library opened in Amsila Elementary School, we hope that the students of Amsila Elementary School will start to love to read, be active in reading and be the positive changes as the next generation that will be successful in the future and make their parents proud.

Through reading, students can become great people. It is with that hope that TBI Johann Philipp Reis is named after a very famous German scientist. With TBI named after famous experts, we hope to inspire students to think creatively to develop ideas and become great people too.