Limalas Village, East Misool District, Raja Ampat


West Papua

Month Opened:
26 January 2021

The Reading Literacy Activity Index (Alibaca) developed by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2019 shows that West Papua province’s score is within a low category (20.01-40.00). At the same time, Papua province’s score is also within a very low category (0-20, 00). As conveyed by, the challenge to develop the culture of reading books, writing, and doing arithmetic in Papua and West Papua is more difficult and complex due to geographically isolated areas, an insufficient number of teachers, and inadequate educational facilities to meet the needs of students at schools.

Another obstacle in boosting children’s literacy in Papua is the unfulfilled or lack of textbooks used by students. Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) as a non-profit foundation that focuses on education and literacy, will continue to strive to play a role in improving the literacy and education of Indonesian children. On Tuesday, 26 January 2021, the Taman Baca Inovator foundation inaugurated its first TBI library in Papua which became the 41st TBI library it assisted. This time, the foundation is collaborating with Komunitas Kambik Abhirama for the library establishment.

The TBI library is located at Kp. Limalas, East Misool District, Raja Ampat Regency. The TBI library is named TBI Japojey Edward Jenner. The word ‘Japojey’ is taken from the Matbat language of the original tribes of Misool Island. It means water flowing from the top of a rock. Meanwhile, Edward Jenner is taken from the name of the innovator who discovered the smallpox vaccine. Hopefully, the library can continue to adapt during a pandemic.

The inauguration of the TBI library was carried out in person since Kp. Limalas is a green zone where there have been no cases of Covid-19. The inauguration was attended by PHMJ GKI Ebenhaezer Limalas, GKI Ebenhaezer Limalas Congregation Council, Chairperson of GKI Congregation Elementary Ebenhaezer Limalas, Head of West Limalas Village, Bamuskam and East Limalas Village Officials, Head of SD YPK Ebenhaezer Limalas, Traditional Leaders, Limalas Village, Limalas Village and Koramil (TNI) in Limalas Village.

In line with this spirit, we want to help children’s literacy in Papua through TBI Edward Jenner by providing access to quality reading books because we believe that the progress of a nation is determined by quality education.