Prabumenang Village, Lubai Ulu District

Muara Enim

South Sumatera

Month Opened:
30 April 2016

TBI Dunant is located in Prabumenang village, Lubai Ulu district, Muara Enim regency. The exact location is in Talang Lugur. It is a talang in Prabumenang village, which is also included as part of Lubai Ulu district. It is approximately 30 Km away from the district center and around 10 km away from the village center. Accessible by dirt road (Pertamina road), the electricity from PLN has not yet been provided here. The electricity can only be obtained through genset (generator) starting from 18.00-21.00. Talang Lugur, Prabumenang village is a part of Muara Enim regency which is abutted on Ogan Komering Ulu (OKU) regency.

Located in the middle of rubber plantations and far away from the center of regional government, Talang Lugur’s geographical location with barely accessible roads and the absence of electricity makes it difficult to gain sufficient information. It indirectly demands the educational environment, particularly the school, to play an important role in creating a positive environment for the children.

Talang Lugur consists of around 50 patriarchs, most of the villagers commonly work as farmers in rubber plantations, while some others work as traders and teachers. Only one out of the three teachers already hold the civil servant status. Talang Lugur villagers’ income is not fixed, ranging from around Rp. 500.000, –  until Rp. 600.000, – per month, what’s with the price of rubber sap in the market which is currently declining. The level of education of Talang Lugur villagers is relatively very low. The majority of the villagers are not graduated from elementary school, only some of them graduated from junior and senior high school. Whereas only two of them hold a diploma degree, and only one villager holds a bachelor degree.

The nearest villages with Prabumenang, particularly Talang Lugur, are Pagar Dewa and Pilip 1 (transmigration area). It is around 15 Km away and can be reached by 1,5-hour trip using a motorcycle. The socio-economical condition of those three villages is not completely different from one another, judging from both their lifestyle and source of living. However, there are some BUMN companies working in oil and gas field in Pagar Dewa village. Thus, Pagar Dewa village can be said as the village with the fastest development in Lubai Ulu district.

Mr. Sandy is one of the villagers in Prabumenang who has a high level of dedication in developing the Taman Baca or reading club. He has already granted one separate room in his house to be made as Tama Baca. Mr. Sandy currently single-handedly manages TBI Dunant assisted by other staffs in turn. The opening hour of the TBI has always been adjusted to the free time of the children visiting the TBI.