TBI Hedy Lamarr is located in Kampong Nanggeleng RT 005 RW 005 Lemah Duhur village Caringin district Bogor regency West Java. Kampong Nanggeleng is a mountain range area with a cold atmosphere and most of the inhabitants are farmers. The land access to this taman baca (community library) is considerably good with asphalt roads. However, it is still far away from the main street, thus there is no public transportation but an ojeg (motorcycle taxi). There are plenty of trees surrounding this kampong, therefore the air is quite chilly.

There are 2 Elementary Schools in Kampong Nanggeleng namely SDN Cimande 03 and SDN Nanggeleng with a total of 300 students. The atmosphere in Kampong Nanggeleng is quite religious. At around 11.30 WIB (Indonesian Western Standard Time/IWST) after going home from school, the children’s activity is continued with religious teaching activity from 12.00 WIB until 15.00 WIB thus their activity is quite packed. Their free time is mostly in the afternoon from 15.00 until 18.00 WIB.

TBI Hedy Lamarr which is situated in Ibu (Mrs.) Demi Fauziah’s house having 2 staffs namely the owner of the house herself helped by a junior high school student by the name of Elis.  Ibu Demi Fauziah works as a teacher in SDN Cimande 03. She is in charge for not only Taman Baca activities but also religious teaching and reciting Quran for children from 18.00 WIB until 20.00 WIB.

taman baca hedy lamarr

Nanggeleng, Lemah Duhur Village, Caringin District


West Java

Month Opened:
4 October 2016