Taman Baca Inovator Georg Ohm

SDN No. 173145 Naipospos Tonga, Sipoholon District

North Tapanuli

North Sumatera

Month Opened:
24 June 2021

TBI Georg Ohm was established on June 25, 2021, at SDN 173145 Elementary School in Naipospos Tonga, Hutaraja Hasundutan Village, Sipoholon District, North Sumatra. In the Hutaraja Hasundutan Village, besides studying at school, children are also helping their parents in the fields. North Tapanuli Area Program and Monitoring Staff, Olivia Siallagan said that the school welcomes TBI in their school. They realize that it is important to start reading habits at an early age and that the TBI library will be very helpful for children to study comfortably with a conducive library, quality books, and educational programs.

At the opening ceremony, in addition to the school principal, the Sipoholon Regional Coordinator and the Supervisor were also present and expressed their hope that this activity would eliminate underdevelopment and small villages that needed assistance and could one day collaborate and learn with other TBI libraries throughout Indonesia.

Acara Peresmian TBI Georg Ohm
Foto bersama acara peresmian TBI Georg Ohm

Children at SDN 173145 Naipospos Tonga are very happy with the interesting books. However, according to one of the teachers and branch staff, Pak Alber Panjaitan, the TBI library is also full of small children who study in a preschool nearby, who are enthusiastic to do some activities there even during the holidays.

TBI Georg Ohm is increasing the children’s reading interest in the Hutaraja Hasundutan village area and we hope that the children in the village can become innovators like Georg Ohm, a German mathematician, and physicist who discovered Ohm’s Law with equipment that he created himself.