Legok Cililin, Lemah Duhur Village, Caringin District


West Java

Month Opened:
12 October 2016

Month of Released:
12 October 2018

Bell, short for Alexander Graham Bell, was originally located at Tigaraksa of the Banten Province. It was launched on March 2015 and received warm welcome. However, we decided to relocate Bell to a new home in Ciketing village of Bogor District. In early November 2015, we launched Bell at its new home at Ciketing village catering to 320 family units. The dominant occupations are homemade kite sellers, farmers and food hawkers. It is located within a short walking distance to Madrasah Ibtidaiyah/MIΒ  (equivalent of elemantay school, only the portion of MI curriculum are more about the religious education of Islam).

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