Pematang Village, Matan Hilir Selatan District


West Borneo

Month Opened:
August 2017

The average income of most Pematang Gadung residents is around 1 million – 2.5 million Rupiahs (about US$75-190) per month.  Most of Pematang Gadung male adults work as farmers, daily workers local oil palm plantations, owners of warung (small family owned shop or food stall), or work as civil servants in public elementary and junior high schools at the village. Most of the adult females are stay at home mothers. There are 2 elementary schools and 1 junior high school in the village, with a total of 350 students.

Taman Baca Inovator Alfred Russel Wallace was established in September 2017 and located in an unused space at the village. Since the opening, many children love to visit the library and enjoy various quality reading books provided.  There is also a weekly reading together program in cooperation with IAR Foundation (International Animal Rescue). Every week, IAR team reads together with the children and teach them how to read well.

We hope that this activity, among many others, will ensure  continuous reading interest among the local children. The dedicated staff is Ibu Siti Apuah, a local who assists and motivate the children;  and ensures that the library is clean, neat, and open for all children.

We hope that Russell Wallace can open many young minds in Ketapang into the world of better education and opportunity.