SDN Pniel Eliasa, Eliasa Village, Selaru District

Southeast West Maluku


Month Opened:
May 2017

Month Opened:
28 August 2020

serah terima TBI Robert godart

Eliasa village is one of the villages located in the far corner of Selaru District, precisely in the border between Australia and Indonesia. This village is the newest village in Selaru District as it was only established around 5 years ago. This village was expanded (split) definitively and earned its new status from a hamlet into a village in October 2012. This village is inhabited by 148 families consisting of 626 people and among them are 259 children aged 0-15 years old. Most of the villagers work as fishermen and farmers and this village currently has 1 Early Childhood Education institution, 1 Elementary School, and 1 Junior High School.

Being social life oriented, most of the people in Eliasa village do not have high level of education and the mindset of the people mostly does not consider education as important. Moreover, plenty of them are unable to provide a higher education to their children. Thus, a breakthrough is required to make the people become more acquainted with education, especially books. It is expected that at least the society will understand and comprehend important things they previously ignored and make them to be something useful for improving their standard of living.

Taman Baca Inovator Alessandro Volta was established in April 2017 and thus becomes a part of Eliasa Village’s big family.Β  It is hoped that the high-quality books provided there can be a means to nurture the children’s personality so they can differentiate which one is good and which one is bad, as a hobby which can break the vicious cycle of inanity and idleness.

This Taman Baca will be situated in a big room belonging to PNIEL Eliasa State Elementary School. The children can visit and read in this place any day even after the school hour is over because this Taman Baca will still open until the evening. One of the teachers who will help the children in this Taman Baca is Mr. Hermanus Morgen Amarduan. He actively involves in guiding the children to keep reading and searching for knowledge.


taman baca inovator volta