Taman Baca Inovator Al Battani

SDN 11, Suka Maju Village, Muara Pawan District


West Borneo

Month Opened:
4 September 2018

Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Al Battani Library is located in Sukamaju Village, Muara Pawan District, Ketapang Regency, West Kalimantan. Specifically, it is located in SDN 11 Muaara Pawan elementary school. The school has 6 learning groups, with 127 students and 10 teachers. Previously, the books provided by the school are mostly textbooks, which did not incite the students’ interest to read for pleasure

On 4 September 2018, TBI Al Battani was established. The opening was attended by various parties, including the village head, hamlet heads, teachers, parents of the students, Ketapang communities, and the students themselves. Bapak Syaiful Bahri as the Sukamaju Village Head cut the ribbon during the opening ceremony. In his speech, he strongly supported the presence of TBI in the village. He hoped that the students could utilize the books provided by TBI properly.


In 2018, Sukamaju Village’s population amounted to 1,998. In its communities, Malays, Dayaks, Madurese, Bugis, and Javanese people are living peacefully side by side. Malay is used as the local language of the village. Sukamaju Village consists of three hamlets, namely Teratai, Bujang Garang, and Kali Matang. The village, which was split from Sungai Awan Kanan Village in 2006, is 4,701 hectares in size. Most of the population work as farmers and planters. Most people grow rice and palm trees. The land in the area is mostly sandy or swamplike.


Pak Kusno as the Principal of SDN 11 Muara Pawan was very pleased with the presence of TBI. He hopes that the children will read diligently to amass broader knowledge. The opening of TBI at SDN Muara Pawan is also one of the steps taken to advance education in Sukamaju. In addition, support received through a donation from Wardah (PT. Paragon) also greatly helped the establishment of TBI in the area. (Tri Sujarwo)