Taman Baca Inovator Si Karel

TPQ El-Huda Building, Tenjo Village, Fatuleu District


West Java

Month Opened:
4 December 2018

Si Karel Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) library is located in Kampung Sukasari, Tenjo Village, Tenjo District, Bogor Regency, West Java. The 679,343 hectares village has a population of around 10,937 people. The distance from Jakarta to Tenjo is around 50 km. To go there from Jakarta, people commonly use the Commuter Line electric train (KRL) for their transportation. Most of the village population works as farmers while the rest mainly work in the industrial sector as laborers, traders, craftsmen and other professions.

Si Karel TBI library was established to provide access to books for the local children who live along the railroad tracks of the Tenjo area. The library itself is located not far from the Tenjo Station. MI Bani Harun elementary school – which housed approximately 150 students – is located only 500 meters from TBI Si Karel, the closest school in its proximity. There are also three other elementary schools nearby at around 1 km from the library, namely SDN Tenjo 1 (230 students), SDN Tenjo 2 (362 students) and MI Hidayatul Ikhwan.


Si Karel TBI library was established because of a partnership between Taman Baca Inovator Foundation and PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia. For its book management and program activities, Si Karel TBI Library also works together with local teenagers and youth. The library itself is built on top of a wakaf land provided by Pak Ustadz Rudini, a local religious leader.

Many parties are supporting the development of Si Karel TBI library. Among them are schools that are located in the library’s surrounding area, the village government and the local communities. Warsito, the Principal of Tenjo Elementary School 1, strongly supports the presence of a TBI library. He hopes that his students will frequent the library considering that the area has been lacking access to good quality books. Hopefully, with its establishment, Si Karel TBI library could be a library that the Tenjo Community is proud of.