NGORBIT (Ngobrolin Buku Bareng TBI – Talking about Books with TBI) is an interactive event with volunteers that is held every month through the Zoom application. As the name implies, each volunteer will share their review of a book, including the plot, writing style, reasons for liking the book, and lessons learned from the books or their favorite quotes from the book to the Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Foundation staff and other volunteers. NGORBIT was first held in February 2021 to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a discussion about self-love themed books. The enthusiasm of the participants developed NGORBIT into an event held every month with a different theme. Apart from sharing about books, there is also games with prizes that make the NGORBIT event even more fun.

NGORBIT was originally held with the aim of maintaining good relations between TBI and volunteers and connection among volunteers but nowadays it has developed into a forum for sharing and improving our knowledge about books, certain genres, and even writing techniques.