SDN 177652 Hausi Sada Sada, Hutaraja Hasundutan Village

North Tapanuli

North Sumatera

Month Opened:
29 April 2019

Louis Pasteur TBI library is the 29th library established by the Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Foundation. Louis Pasteur TBI library is located in Hutaraja Hasundutan Village, Sipoholon District, North Tapanuli Regency. It was established to reach out to children in Hutaraja Hasundutan Village to provide proper reading books for children in the village.

Hutaraja Hasundutan Village is fairly green and located in a hilly area where the air is still very fresh. The majority of the village mostly work at rice or plantation fields, since most of the commodities in Hutaraja Hasundutan village are agriculture and plantation products. Therefore, many children spend time in the rice or plantation fields to help their parents. Apart from farming and plantation, a small number of people around the TBI library also work in factories, while some also work as civil servants.

Louis Pasteur TBI library is located in the school library of Hausisada Sada Elementary School. In its operations in the future, the Louis Pasteur TBI library would be managed by the school, and of course, it is also collaborating with TBI staff, namely Ibu Santi Lumbangaol. Hausisada Sada Elementary School itself is led by Pak Opranto Ompusunggu. The fatherly figure has a high dedication to education in his village, as evidenced by his enthusiasm to bring a positive atmosphere to his school, one of which is through the establishment of the library at his school. Hausisada Sada Elementary School itself has 114 students. The establishment of TBI Louis Pasteur has certainly created a positive space, not only for students of Hausisada Sada Elementary School but also for Hutara Hasundutan Village as a whole.