Every month on the 17th, Taman Baca Inovator sends good and high-quality books for children through its 23 Taman Baca libraries all over Indonesia. The books are labeled before sending to arrange them and to ensure that they are sent in a good condition. Labeled and coded books will make it easier for Taman Baca staffs and children to find the books they want. The labeling is usually conducted in the Head Office of Taman Baca Inovator.

Many volunteers are interested to help with the labeling. They think it is an interesting activity and at the same time, they can read interesting books. The labeling is usually done a few days before the 17th of every month. Through this labeling activity, the volunteers become closer to each other and they bring positive impacts. We hope this positive action will continue going forward.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as our volunteer!