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TBI opened another library!

Yes, we have just opened a new library in Babakan Saluyu Kampong, Cipatat District, Padalarang, Bandung, West Java on Tuesday, January 5, 2016. This time, it’s called the TBI Marie Curie. Innovator friends may be familiar with this figure. Marie Curie was one of the inspiring women in science for discovering new elements including radium and polonium, as well as the theory of radioactivity and the isolation of radioactive isotope. She received a Nobel Prize in 1903 (along with husband Pierre Curie). The Poland-born French chemist and physicist inspired us to generate a generation of innovators for future Indonesia through quality reading materials.

After conquering steep terrain of massive rocks of limestone, we finally arrived at Babakan Saluyu Kampong, where the TBI Marie Curie is located. The kampong is located in one of the limestone hills in Padalarang, or about 5 km from the Padalarang highway. TBI Marie Curie  occupies a small building that is used for Early Childhood Education (PAUD) in Babakan Saluyu Kampong every day. The ECD emerged from the initiative of the local residents for the toddlers in the kampong. The EDC and the TBI Marie Curie work together to function the building, where the EDC runs from 7 AM to 9 AM while the Marie Curie TBI operates from 10 AM to 5 PM.

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Marie Curie successfully attracted 75 children and adults on its opening day. It was a fantastic number, considering that the kampong was relatively quiet during our initial arrivals as we were preparing for the library.

Every time we find something new, we are always excited. This excitement was tenfold when a mother who had just graduated “Kejar Paket C” education came to us and asked if we had magazines and recipe books in the Marie Curie’s collection. We felt enthusiasm not only from the Babakan Saluyu Kampong’s children, but also from the mother who had just started to be able to read.

See you, Innovators!

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