Science Program conducted in collaboration with the Einstein Science Project for experiments that are fun and not boring for children.

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There are so many children out there who like playing more than studying. Apart from children’s lack of awareness of the importance of learning, this is also of course due to lack of assistance. If children like to play, what should we do so that children can play and learn at the same time?

Well, #SobatInovator,

At the Taman Baca Inovator Library, children can learn about literacy, and learn to read, write, and count. In addition to that, we also have a very interesting science experiment program. This activity is routinely carried out by the Taman Baca Inovator Foundation for children every month. It is a 4C (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication) Science Program conducted in collaboration with the Einstein Science Project for experiments that are fun and not boring for children.

This time, the science experiment was an archery science experiment about the spring force concept.

Are you curious about it, #SobatInovator?

The science experiments actively involve children in the experimentation. This time, we experimented with archery. The experiment felt like playing, but while also practicing knowledge. In the archery science experiment, the children utilized bamboo sticks and rubber motorcycle tires, taking advantage of the natural resources around them to conduct the fun science experiment. The bamboo twigs were cut to the required size, and the rubber of the motorcycle inner tube was cut to form a rope.

The children are Playing and Studying to make an archery in 4C Sains Program
Taman Baca Inovator Peter Heinlein, located in sumba, NTT are trying to figure out how archery works

The children made the equipment on their own, SobatInovator. They utilized bamboo sticks and the rubber inner tube for the archery experiment. By utilizing existing natural resources, they can already experiment.

The archery experiment is created based on the spring force concept. What do you think of the spring force concept, SobatInovator?

Let’s review.

The spring force is a pulling force. The spring force can happen due to the elastic nature of an object so that when it is pulled and released again, the object will return to its original state.

From the concept of spring force above, are bamboo and rubber inner tubes elastic?

Yes, it’s elastic, #SobatInovator.

The bamboo twigs used by the children are the smallest bamboo twigs so that they have elastic properties, while the rubber tires themselves are definitely elastic. From the experiments described above, the children can understand that objects that are elastic can cause a spring force. In addition, it can also encourage children’s ability to take advantage of the natural resources around them.

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