Our Vision

To help improve the quality of Indonesian education through increased reading interest by providing access to our libraries to at least 50.000 children by 2023

Our Mission

  • To provide access to quality reading books for underprivileged children in rural areas
  • To provide innovative programs along with the community libraries to encourage and sustain reading interest

Our Name

Why Taman Baca Inovator (Innovator Reading Garden)?  We want Indonesian children that we assist to be inspired and aspired. By using a variety of well-known innovator’s name to each library and sharing the respective innovator’s success stories, the hard works, courage and determination we hoped that the children will be more motivated and aspired to become an innovator one him/herself.

Our Purpose

We believe that education is the key for Indonesian future. At the heart of education is a deep sense of curiosity and thirst of knowledge which can be cultivated through a strong reading habit. Unfortunately Indonesia does not have a reading culture. Like most developing countries, where most people still struggling to make ends meet, having books are not seen as an essential need. According to Indonesian National Library, about 90% of population older than 10 years old spend a lot of time watching television, but sadly dislike reading books. In most developed countries, average populations can read up to 20 books per year; while in Indonesia, the average number books read per year are only 3 titles. This condition is due to many factors, such as limited access to books; under-developed school libraries; economic hardship facing many households forcing parents to make their children to work after schools, thus reducing time for children to study or read; lastly the increasing ubiquitous access to technology, games, social media highly reduce children’s interest in reading books.

With Taman Baca Inovator (Innovator Reading Garden) we focus to first provide easier access to quality reading books for underprivileged children in rural areas and second to provide necessary supporting activities to help stimulate and maintain reading interest. We believe that our community library concept is aligned with UNESCO’s vision that aims to provide education for all.

We are planning to develop our libraries in areas where books are strongly needed. The key word is “NEED”, where children almost have very limited access to quality reading books. Working together with local community, we embrace children and adults who want to read or even learn to read better.

Our Value

With more than 17.000 islands, 300 ethinicites, 700 local languages, 6 official religions and multi-believes, Indonesia is truly a great, diverse nation. Along with the country’s principle, Pancasila, which values firstly humanity and unity, our foundation strive to foster the value of mutual respect and open-mindednes. We believe this is critical to build a stronger future Indonesia Generation. Therefore, also in line with the official Indonesia National Motto: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika /Unity In Diversity, all of our team exert absolute effort to serve all children of all background and communities with respect and care.

Who We Serve

We focus on serving underprivileged children from age 4-12  years old.  We select areas where there clearly is urgent need for community libraries and there is shared interest and support by the surrounding community, local leaders and parents.

Currently we mainly focus only in Banten and West Java provinces. For areas outside of these provinces, we provide supports to local non-profit communities or reading houses by providing book donations.

Our Strategy

According to research conducted by UNESCO, today the role of libraries and professional librarians is changing worldwide. Libraries are no longer passive keepers and preservers of books; rather, they have evolved to become facilitators of information and lifelong learning opportunities with an emphasis on service, identifying user needs and communicating solutions.  Sharing similar views, we at Taman Baca Inovator carefully strategize our library locations and supporting activities by:


  1. Conducting surveys, feasibility studies, area assessments
  2. Building continuous partnership with local communities
  3. Utilizing public spaces for our libraries to minimize costs and also develop sense of ownership for the local communities
  4. Stimulating and maintaining interest through activities adapted to local needs, such as: English Class, Creativity Activity, Reading Class, and Creative Writing.

Our Books

We carefully selected every book for our libraries. All of the books that we have, either through self-purchase or donation, go to our head office first for physical and content inspection.

We focus on providing reading books. Depending on the location, at times we also provide some reference books and general interest books for the mothers. Reference titles that we provide are dictionaries (language, subject matter), general information (for information: historical facts, social science data and figures). General interest titles for the mothers are limited to recipes, interior design and fashion. We do not provide general interest magazines as they may contain adult subject in the articles.

Books Categorization

As we have children from all ages and varied reading skills come to our libraries, we’ve decided to have a system that would make it easier our librarians and children to know which books are for which children. We need to make sure that “Every book gets its reader. Every reader gets his/her books”. There are so many reading trees, book bands out there, but we think we should adopt a system that caters to our situation on the field.

We came up with a system that categorizes the books into 6 groups. Each group represents target age group and reading skills. Then each book has its own color and each book has a label that represents the group it belongs to.  Below are the examples: