Government policies on the new normal situation are causing some people to have to start adapting. The new normal itself is a change in behavior to continue to carry out activities normally while still adhering to health protocols regulated by the government. This is also the case for the TBI Kunang-Kunang library. Literacy activities conducted in the new normal era made Amir, one of the TBI Kunang-Kunang staff that is located in SDN 03 Pawenang Village elementary school, took the initiative to conduct a book fair and book lending activities at his home. The goal is for children to be able to keep reading when they have to learn with online tools at home with inadequate access for some children.

“Since TBI Kunang-Kunang is located at a school and the school is currently closed, there are still no children coming even though the TBI is open. I took the initiative to bring books to my home and then I did the book lending activity” Amir said at TBI Kunang-Kunang.

The book lending activity is usually done when Amir conducts a mini book fair at his home or in a place where many children play. Amir also take the time to read books to children during the book fair. Not only that, but Amir also ask the children who borrowed books to write and summarize the contents of the books they borrowed when the books had been read and returned. “Before they borrow books, I will give a message to the children to write a summary of the book they read on a piece of paper which they then collect when returning the book,” Amir added.

This pandemic condition does not make the TBI library stop carrying out its activities of lending books as TBI branch staff continue the operations like Amir did.

By continuing to pay attention to health protocols by wearing masks and keeping a safe distance, it is expected that children can still visit and carry out activities in their local libraries. We hope that, in the new normal era, TBI Kunang-Kunang can help the children who are still learning from home to be able to carry out literacy activities as they usually did in the library. Viva Inovator!


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