Hello, Friends of Inovator! The next story comes from Ibu Atin (a staff member of TBI Otto Iskandar Dinata or Otista). The TBI library is located in Kampung Kidoso, Kedung Dalem, Mauk Tangerang. TBI Otista library is a result of a collaboration between Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Foundation and Habitat Indonesia. In the collaboration, Habitat provides the building while TBI provides guidance programs and books. Let’s look at the story from Ibu Atin!

We are in a very sad circumstance during the pandemic. Affected by the coronavirus situation, a lot of people are laid off. Many of them have no income. Now, not many children come to TBI Otista as they have been staying at home for too long. Some of them forget the opening time and schedule of the TBI library. Fortunately, they still like to read. Therefore, if I see some of the children passing by, I remind them that Monday and Wednesday are when the TBI library is scheduled to open and children can borrow books during that time.

The obstacle is that before the pandemic we can have up to 30 children visiting the library per day. However, during the pandemic, only 5-7 children come per day. Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah, thank God, some children still like to come to borrow books from the library and continue to like to read books.

I would like to thank TBI for providing a library for children in Kampung Kidoso. There are so many benefits to it. For example, my student named Darwati would soon be in the  3rd grade of elementary school but was not yet fluent in reading. Alhamdulillah, as she often visited the TBI library and learned to read every day so she is now reading fluently. Children here cannot study in preschool and kindergarten because of the cost. As a result, children enter elementary school without being able to read or write.

That is the story from Ibu Atin! Hopefully, the TBI Otista library can always help children in Kampung Kidoso, especially for the children who are not yet able to read and write fluently. Are you curious about more stories from other TBI staff? You can follow the updates regularly on our website at  www.tamanbacainovator.com. Viva Literacy! Let’s read!

Renita Yulistiana

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