Hello, Friends of Inovator! Now let’s read a story from Bogor, namely a story from Diana (a TBI Alexander Graham Bell staff member). In addition to being a staff member at Taman Baca Inovator (TBI), Diana is also a student. The TBI Alexander Graham Bell library is located in Kampung Legok Cililin, Lemah Duhur Village, Bogor, West Java. Read on to know Diana’s story. Hello, my name is Diana. I manage TBI Alexander Graham Bell Bogor, and it has become my routine for ± 4 years. TBI is my second home since it is the place where I can share my knowledge, teach children to read, write, count, help them to learn, and tutor them with various other fun activities.

However, since the coronavirus pandemic, in the past 2 months, all of our activities at TBI Bell were forced to stop temporarily. This was done as a form of our obedience to government regulations as well as a form of preventing C-19 transmission. Due to this pandemic, so many things are different now. For instance, children can no longer study at TBI. Nevertheless, they are still given the opportunity to borrow books at TBI for them to read and study at home.

During this pandemic, an interesting story comes from one of the most frequent TBI visitors named Saepudin. Saepudin only wants to study if I tutor him. Even during this pandemic, he really wants to come to the TBI library. Since that is not possible and I do not want to deter his enthusiasm to study, I take the initiative to offer him to take a course at my house, which is near the TBI library.Studying at home during a pandemic certainly has its own challenges. Children are easily bored and tired of learning because of the very limited learning facilities at home. To overcome this, as much as possible I try to create a pleasant learning atmosphere. I embed various games into the learning materials such as solving puzzles, matching pictures, and counting the number of pictures of objects with attractive colors. I found them from the internet and printed the sheet myself.

Despite the pandemic, we as TBI staff cannot give up and delay or stop helping the children to study. We can do it if we have a strong willingness and determination to improve their education. Whatever the challenge is, let’s face it with the opportunity we have and with our creativity.That’s the story from Diana! Hopefully, this pandemic will soon be over so we can go back to our normal activities and the children can study at TBI Alexander Graham Bell again as they did before.Are you curious about more stories from other TBI staff? You can follow the updates regularly on our website at  www.tamanbacainovator.com.

Viva Literacy! Let’s read!

Renita Yulistiana

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