This year, Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Jendela Dunia Bekasi library is reaching the end of its mentoring period. We are committed to assisting each library for up to three years with training and monitoring. TBI Jendela Dunia Bekasi has always been a fun learning place for children. Many parents even let their children read in the TBI library while waiting for them to come home from work. As most of the parents work in a landfill area, they feel more comfortable if they know their children are reading in TBI Jendela Dunia Bekasi library. In the afternoon, they will pick up their children and share stories with each other. We see that this positive habit will get better if equipped with training on how to educate the children.

At the end of February 2020, we held a Positive Parenting training for parents around TBI Jendela Dunia Bekasi library. This training conveyed that the care and education in the family is first and foremost. Children will be able to grow and develop properly if childcare in the family is carried out in accordance with the stage of development and age of the children as well as through the implementation of positive parenting principles. The training took place in the morning at 10:00 a.m. A total of 28 children’s parents came to participate in the training. This training was delivered by Mrs. Yessi from the Central TBI team. Upon starting the training, Mrs. Yessi asked the parents to write a sentence describing positive characters of their children and then proceed with the training material and group discussion.






During the training, many parents enthusiastically paid attention to the material. Some struggled a bit to understand the material because they are not fluent in Indonesian but more accustomed to Javanese and Sundanese. Similar situations often happen to us in many TBI libraries because of the diversity of tribes in Indonesia. However, we don’t see it as an obstacle for us to provide trainings. We still try to deliver training that is interesting and easy for the participants to understand so that it can be well received. Our hope from this training is that every child’s parents can be invited to work together to improve children’s education and reading interest through positive characters that are built from family upbringing. Hopefully this positive training provides positive benefits for children’s parents.

(Evlina Karlina)

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