What is anak inovator?

Anak Inovator (AI) or Inovator Kids is a part of Taman Baca Inovator programs specifically designed to help and support accomplished but underprivileged children to be able to continue their study up to higher education by way of inviting inovator parents who are willing to finance their school necessities. The children who get the financial assistance are then called as Anak Inovator or Inovator Kids.

Inovator kids candidates are those who show resilient perseverance to continue their study. Struggling to face all kinds of limitations, inovator kids must prove that they can get out of difficult situations and constraints using their own innovations.

The objectives of Inovator Kids program are:

  1. Providing opportunities for each party to be involved in improving the education in Indonesia
  2. That education can be distributed evenly, especially for children in underprivileged condition
  3. Making Inovator Kids to be the role model (example) for their friends to continue their study
  4. Each inovator kids has the opportunity to improve their family’s standard of living in the future.

The Criterions to be Inovator Kids :

  1. Coming from underprivileged families
  2. Having great enthusiasm to study
  3. Having good accomplishments
  4. Visiting the children library (taman baca) often or frequently
  5. Having leadership, responsibility and willingness to innovate

Inovator Kids Candidate :

Inovator kid candidates are the children who are currently studying at:

  1. Kinder Garten (TK)
  2. Elementary School (SD)
  3. Junior High School (SMP)
  4. Senior High School (SMA)

Inovator Kids Selection Phase :

The selection phase for innovator kids is divided into three stages:

1. Administration Stage

Administration stage is the phase where the children in Taman Baca fill up an Anak Inovator form and then send it back through the staff of Taman Baca Inovator. The registration due is around 4 weeks. (Form is enclosed)

2. Interview Stage

The interview stage is performed after the children in Taman Baca passed the administration stage. The interview stage for Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tanggerang, Bekasi) area is done by a direct visitation to the residence of Anak Inovator candidates. The interview is executed in the respective TBI or at the children’s Schools. (Interview form is enclosed). Whereas, the interview with Anak Inovator candidates from outside Jabodetabek area is performed by phone calls guided by TBI branch’s staff. This stage takes around 4 weeks.

3. Visitation Stage

The visitation stage is conducted after the children passed the interview stage.

In this stage, the children are required to fulfill the files consisting of;

a). A Copy of KK (Family Registration Card)
b). A Copy Study Report of the latest 3 semesters
c). Recommendation letter from the school
d). Recommendation letter from the staff of TBI branch
e). A picture of the candidate’s home
f). A picture of the school
g). A picture of the candidate in Taman Baca
h). A letter from the candidate of Anak Inovator for the Inovator parents.
i). A picture of the candidate with his/her family.

The staff from the Main Branch will visit the house of Anak Inovator candidates and confirm that all of the files’ content and interview form are in accordance with the facts in the real setting. This stage is performed for about 4 weeks. The Anak Inovator candidates who passed this stage after the visitation will sign the letter of agreement to be Anak Inovator.

The components included in the funding of Inovator Kids is:

  1. Monthly tuition fee
  2. School necessities (writing utensils, bags, uniforms, shoes)
  3. The cost for tutoring or extracurricular activities held by the school

Note: Pocket money, Transportation cost, and Living Cost are ‘NOT’ the responsibility of TBI

The stipulation which becomes the responsibility of innovator parents are divided into four categories, they are:

  1. Kinder Garten (TK) : Rp. 100.000/Month.
  2. Elementary School (SD) : Rp. 150.000/Month.
  3. Junior High School (SMP) : Rp. 200.000/Month
  4. Senior High School (SMA) : Rp.250.000/Month

Inovator Parents

What is Inovator Parents?

Orang Tua Inovator (OTI) or Inovator Parents are the donators for inovator kids. It is called as Orang Tua Inovator or Inovator Parents because it is hoped that in the forthcoming, there will be parents who are willing to be foster parents who will fund the Inovator kids’ education fees within the span of one year and or prolonged period.

It is expected that those children can be innovators from Indonesia in the future.

The Stipulation to be Inovator Parents :

There is no specific stipulation to be Orang Tua Inovator or Inovator Parents, we only expect their commitments to help Indonesian children make their noble dreams come true.

Be an innovator parent from Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Foundation.

Let’s help Indonesian children to make their noble dreams come true. Be an innovator parent from Taman Baca Inovator Foundation.

For further information, please send an email to tamanbacainovator@gmail.com

or call the contact number 0812-9579-4192 /  0812-9850-3191

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