Werain village has the population of 554 people. The inhabitants generally work as farmers in plantations and seaweed farmers as well as fishermen. Some others work as crew members of boats, traders, and teachers. From all of the available teachers, only 14 of them have become civil servants. The income of the people in Werain village is not fixed with the average of Rp300.000 – 400.000/month.  The level of education of Werain inhabitants can be said as relatively low. The data shows that 32.8% of them are Elementary School graduate, 8.6% Junior High School graduate, 12.6% Senior High School graduate, 1.5% Diploma I/II graduate, 2.9% University graduate, and the rest is unknown. These past few years, the production of seaweed has been quite promising so some of the villagers could provide education to their children to the university level. However, it is such a pity that almost all of the children in Werain do not return to their village again. All of them go to the cities. As a result, the development of education is imperceptible in the village.

TBI Werain is located in one of the villagers’ houses, namely Mrs. Jeane Ribka Tonu. Mrs. Jeane is a figure who plays a significant role in Indonesian education because she voluntarily lets the TBI use her house and time for free for the children education purposes in the village. She also currently manages the TBI together with her husband. The opening hour has always been adjusted to the busy time of the children in the village. It is not a rare thing as well if the children come in the evening because it has indeed become the place for entertainment. Thus, books are the only entertainment that they can access there.