On July 28, 2018, Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) invited volunteers to have a sharing session on their professions with elementary school students around TBI Bogor area. The activity was called “Ruang Inovator” (Innovator Room), our new concept for the public to volunteer by doing variety of educational activities. For our first one, we wanted our children to learn about professions more often met in the cities. This is especially important since many kids are only familiar with very limited professions in their villages such as police and teacher.  The event was attended by 520 students from 3 elementary schools, namely SDN Ciadeg 01, SDN Tarikolot, and SDN Cimande 03. Twenty-three young professionals  from various professions – such as bankers, civil engineers, pharmacists, etc. – from big corporations in Jakarta  attended the event along with 8 facilitators from TBI team.

21-2The event started at 9.30 a.m at each of the school, opened with an introduction by the volunteers and ice breaking. After that, students returned to their classes and the volunteers visit their assigned classes. The volunteers recounted their experience with their professions in 2 sessions in different classes, for 30 minutes per session.

The volunteers used various methods to tell their stories. For example, Kakak Deni, one of the volunteers, utilized a creative method for his story. He recounted his experience as a teller in a bank by asking grade 6 students to act like they were saving their money at a bank. Some students acted as customers and some others acted as tellers. Kak Marsha explain about her work as an engineer in matching work white jacket and safety helmet which intrigue the children to ask at a lot of question. Kak Aqso motivate children to become photographer with his cool camera set and give lessons how to take a good picture.


Ruang Inovator activity ended at 12.00 p.m, through a symbolic gesture of sticking the children dreams into a “dream tree” in the hope of reminding the children about their dreams and encourage the achievement. Ruang Inovator activity received good responses from the schools, students, visiting parents, TBI staffs, and volunteers. The activity is considered as a positive activity that can boost children enthusiasm to study and read.

“The Ruang Inovator activity helped me learn a lot from the children, including patience and creativity. This activity also recharged my energy,” said Kak Maresta, a volunteer for Ruang Inovator. (Ari Ismi)