A Song to Lift Your Spirit, from the Children of Hutauruk Hasundutan Village

A Song to Lift Your Spirit, from the Children of Hutauruk Hasundutan Village

A Song to Lift Your Spirit, from the Children of Hutauruk Hasundutan Village

That morning, the team from Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) head office along with several volunteers had the opportunity to open a TBI library in Hutauruk Hasundutan village in Sipoholon, North Tapanuli. It was not difficult to reach the village, but it was not easy either. Our eyes were pampered with beautiful scenery, yet the track was quite challenging. As we arrived, we directly prepared the opening of the new TBI library which was named TBI Robert Baden Powell. Coming to the event were some TBI stakeholders, including Village Consultative Board (BPD) of  Hutauruk Hasudutan Village, Headmaster of SDN Lumban Soit elementary school and School Committee of SDN Lumban Soit. Before opening the library, we also spent the time to meet and have fun with students of SDN Lumban Soit.
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The children were separated into two classes, a big class, and a small class. The big class was formed for a creative activity where the children were requested to draw fish inside a plastic bag. This kind of activity is very good for children, as it plays with children imagination. Meanwhile, the small class was intended for storytelling activities, where we tell the children traditional Indonesian stories from books sourced from the TBI library. The children happily followed the activities with a formidable spirit. In between storytelling and creative activities, we played and sang with the children.

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When we asked some of the children to sang in front of the class, the response we received was awe-inspiring. Children are usually shy to perform in front of the class, but the children at TBI Robert Baden Powell were singing very confidently in front of their friends. Some of them sang national songs while some others sang local songs. At the end of the class, all of the children sang together led by one of their teachers.

“Maju tak gentar
Membela yang benar
Maju tak gentar
Hak kita diserang

 Maju serentak
Mengusir penyerang
Maju serentak
Tentu kita kita menang

Translated, the lyrics were along the lines of;

“Move forward without fear

Defending what is right

Move forward without fear

Our rights have been attacked

Move forward at the same time

Drive away the attackers

Move forward at the same time

For sure we will win

spirit 3The children of Hutauruk Hasundutan village sang the song, titled “Maju Tak Gentar,” with such enthusiasm and joy. As we listened to the song and saw their enthusiasm, we were more and more convinced that there are still so many children in remote areas with spirits as high as the children living in the cities, especially in terms of their interest towards education. From that spirit, we also learned that they can continue to smile and spread happiness to others even though they live in a less than strategic location. This is what we should take as an example. Whatever condition we face, wherever we reside, we should be able to spread enthusiasm and share joy to other human beings. Joy is also spread by the volunteers who came with us, and if you are also interested to spread or share the joy, you can contact and join us at  www.tamanbacainovator.com.