The Beauty of Sharing with Anak Inovator

A family is like a house, solid and strong; and a home is a place to learn, where we learn how to share and respect others with our family since we were little.

It is from these principles that I was motivated to become a foster parent in Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Foundation. It is very heart wrenching when I see children have to drop out of school because of their families’ economic situation. I cannot just close my eyes when I see that my country has a very high illiteracy rate and uneven distribution of education.

A foster child in TBI is called an Anak Inovator (Innovator Kid), and my Anak Inovator is named Nadia Widia Wali. Her father has passed away, and she lived only with her mother. When I saw her profile, my heart was touched to help her with some money that I have – as little as it might be – to help her continue her education. How sad it must be for her to grow up without her father. My thoughts reminisced to my childhood, where my father paid for my education, even until I reached adulthood.  I thought how difficult it must be for Nadia’s mother, a single parent who worked odd jobs. Not to mention Nadia had to travel long distances to school. Nevertheless, they were still able to smile, and as I saw her smiling mother, I was moved.

My husband and I work, and we know some of our income could be used to help Nadia. We could share with her to help her continue her education, to keep her spirit high in pursuing education, even though she doesn’t have a father, unlike other children.

I believe that TBI Foundation is a great channel for it. TBI has good work programs and the foster children are monitored well, with 3-months reports provided by TBI staffs on how the children are doing at their schools. I know Nadia’s development at her school and I know that the donations I make are used as it should be. I am proud to know and work for Taman Baca Inovator. Through its 20 outlets spread across Indonesia, specifically in Greater Jakarta, Palembang, Maluku and East Java, it helps improving Indonesia’s education and opening access to books across Indonesia, creating early reading habit for a more developed Indonesia, shaping a generation that loves to read and helping Anak Inovator to pursue education.