Program design is a very important training to be provided for each TBI staff. The material provides an overview about the sustainability of a TBI library in the future when the library is separated and no longer under central TBI assistance. In the program design training, we discuss about define, discovery, dream, design and destiny. Define is all the achievements and aspirations of each TBI. Discovery is an analysis of what potentials the library has in terms of staff, local actors, and local stakeholders needed for achievements. Dream is the discussion on what needs to be improved to realize every TBI staff’s expectations. In
Design, the staff will discuss whether the programs prepared previously are supported by the existing potential and what strategies can be done to make it happen. The final material is Destiny where each staff will disseminate the program plan to other groups and ask for input from other groups in turn.

We regularly provide this program design training to TBI libraries which have already entered their third year of assistance. This training is a necessity for staff to ensure the sustainability of the TBI library they manage

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