During the Covid-19 pandemic, awareness of health protocols is very important to prevent the spread of the virus. Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) are all health behaviors that should be individually carried out by the communities so that people can be proactive in the health sector and play an active role in health activities in the community. Some time ago, the Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Florence library which is located in Werain Village, Selaru area, West Southeast Maluku, Maluku Province was visited by Bhayangkara Community Security and Order (BHABINKAMTIBMAS), chairman of the District’s Family Welfare Movement (PKK), and Subdistrict Secretary (SEKCAM) of Selaru to socialize PHBS to children at the library.

This PHBS socialization activity is certainly very useful for children in the library in particular. The activity informed them about what is happening at this time and reminded them to maintain a healthy lifestyle especially during a pandemic. The children at the TBI Florence were very enthusiastic when a police officer gave them socialization about maintaining a healthy lifestyle in this pandemic era. The children were also informed about the reasons why they now have to maintain their health, wear masks, and wash their hands before doing activities.

Activities like PHBS are of course very important for children around the libraries. In addition, this activity is also very helpful for staff at TBI Florence Nightingale, namely Ibu Jeane Ribka Tonu to help explain the importance of maintaining health to children. During this pandemic, health is the most important aspect for the sustainability of society because maintaining health will extend to various other aspects, such as the economy and of course education. Apart from TBI Florence, education about health in relation to the pandemic is also routinely carried out at other TBI libraries, and these various activities can be seen on TBI’s Instagram account (@tamanbacainovator). In addition, TBI also continues to promote literacy by creating educational literacy programs in several TBI libraries in the regions. This is because believe that literacy and education must continue even during a pandemic.


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