Not long after the establishment of Peter Heinlein TBI library, children have been routinely visiting the TBI library that is located not far from their school. Some children are still shy to attend the TBI library, while some others have started to pick and choose books in the TBI library. This is a natural response from children in Letekonda Village, Southwest Sumba since a library is something new for them. In addition, support from surrounding schools was also quite positive, ranging from encouraging children to go to the TBI library when there is no class, to using books at the TBI library as supporting books for their learning material.

More and more children come to visit the TBI library. At the beginning of its establishment, at most, around 15 children visited the TBI library. However, the number has doubled to about 30 children today as more children frequently visit the TBI library. In addition, there are also several activities that are routinely carried out at Peter Heinlein’s TBI library. Delivered by Ms. Marta as the TBI library staff, the activities are conducted every day, ranging from reading together, learning to read for children who are still not fluent in reading to literacy tree that also functions as a wall magazine at Peter Heinlein TBI library.






The routine visit from the children and various weekly activities are certainly a positive sign from Peter Heinlein TBI library.  The TBI library is hoped to create a positive result, namely facilitating the Southwest Sumba children to become well literate, starting from the children’s increasing ability to read and write, to finally being able to apply what they read on TBI. Even so, the journey to make a broader impact is still a very long journey. There will be many challenges going forward, and of course, there needs to be good collaboration from various parties. So, are you ready to collaborate with us to advance literacy?

Nurkholis Makki.

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