Every TBI library that we assist will receive up to 1500 children’s books. Of course, the large number of books must be maintained and used properly. Book Management material is provided for every staff to help them understand the classification of children’s books in our TBI libraries. We usually provide the training in the early year of a TBI library establishment. Every staff member must know about the groups and levels of books that are appropriate for children’s age. Our books are divided into several groups. Group A is for activity books, group U is for all ages, group one is for children aged 4-5 years, group two is for children aged 5-6 years, group three is for children aged 6-7 years, group four is for children aged 7-8 years, group five is for children aged 8-9 years and group six is for children aged over 9 years. We have delivered the book management training material to 35 TBI libraries in Indonesia.

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