Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) libraries are positive spaces for children. In addition to reading and discussing, children usually spend their time in Taman Baca with a variety of activities, ranging from making art, learning to read, to learning English. One of the activities that children find interesting at TBI is English learning, or commonly referred to as English Day by the children. English lesson is no longer taught in elementary schools around Taman Baca, and hence the English Day activity is an alternative for children to learn English.

Among the TBIs that are active in conducting English Day activities are the TBIs located in North Tapanuli, namely TBI Robert Baden Powell (in Hutauruk Hasundutan Village), TBI Johann Gutenberg (in Situmeang Habinsaran Village) and TBI Louis Pasteur (in Hutaraja Hasundutan Village). These three TBI routinely hold English Day activities, because according to the staff, English is a language that the local children must learn since English can be helpful for the children’s future. For your information, North Tapanuli is a tourism area in Indonesia that is famous for Lake Toba, a famous tourist destination full of international tourists.

With this English Day learning activity, it is hoped that children will be able to apply the knowledge and practice it later in their life. Aside from being beneficial for the children in North Tapanuli, English Day learning activity is also a stimulus for children to enjoy reading because one of the conditions for participating in this activity is reading a book. That way, in addition, to help children to be able to speak English well, they would also love reading books, and therefore, in addition to having good English skills, they would also have broad insights because of their love of books.

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