Hello, Friends of Inovator! This is the latest news from the Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) libraries. On Tuesday, November 19, 2019. TBI Otista held a “Book Fair” or “Gelaran Buku” at SDN Kedung Dalam I elementary school. The event started from recess time and finished after school (09.30-11.30 WIB). It was enthusiastically joined by students in grades 3-6 elementary school who took turns in participating in the activities during the vent. The students were very excited, many of them were running around and scrambling to read books. They really liked books that are full of pictures and colors. In addition, we invited some children to recount the books they have read. During the event, we also reintroduced TBI Otista. Although many students already knew about the existence of TBI Otista, it was too far away if they have to come there after school.

Therefore, the “Gelaran Buku” event was about us coming to the school, helping them to be able to read books in the immediate vicinity. Not only were the students enthusiastic, but the school was also very supportive. “This activity is good, the children have positive activities during recess,” said the Principal of SD Kedung Dalam I Elementary School. In the future, this activity will become routine every two weeks as an effort to bring closer reading access to the people around Mauk, Tangerang.

In addition, “Gelaran Buku” was held with the help of volunteers. Together, we guided the students during the event or read stories to them. For those of you who live in Tangerang, you can join this activity. Curious, about it? Join us as volunteers for TBI Otista. For those of you who live outside of Tangerang, don’t worry about not finding any agenda for you. There are 35 TBI libraries, spread all over Indonesia and you can definitely visit them. Want to know more about them and their location? You can see updates on all news and activities about TBI on Instagram @tamanbacainovator or on the website www.tamanbacainovator.com

Viva Inovator!

Renita Yulistiana

Taman Baca Inovator

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