After staying for two days at Pak Tukirin’s house during the monitoring of the Alfred Nobel TBI library, that afternoon, we planned to immediately travel to Michael Faraday TBI library for another monitoring. It was not far from our current location, about 2 hours by motorbike through palm oil plantation followed by a boat ride across Musi river. However, the rain that continued to fall all day made the road muddy and difficult, unable to be passed by vehicles.

“It’s okay, tomorrow we will go to TBI Faraday, I will help you directly,” Pak Tukirin said  while we continued to work in front of our laptops. We only smiled while kept thinking about how we can still go to TBI Faraday today so that our plan for the visit could still happen. “What if we rent a speed boat, Pak?” I said, half screaming. “It is possible, but there are no residents here who have the speed boat,” said Pak Tukirin with a smile.

Pak Tukirin is a well-respected local figure in Karang Agung Village. For more than 10 years, he has been the headmaster of the village’s school and was once the headmaster of a high-achieving provincial school. His wife is a village midwife who can receives guests at any time, even in the middle of the night. Everyone can come to Pak Tukirin’s house at any time.

Aside from being frequented by villagers, Pak Tukirin’s house is also a “basecamp” and a place to stay for volunteers from outside the city for various activities in the village of Sri Karang Rejo.

“Pak, are you happy if guests often stay here?” I asked him a few moments before leaving. “Having more people as friends means more fortune, Mas, and everyone who came to this house has become my family,” he said. Such a good principle to follow.

After the rain stopped, we were finally driven by Pak Tukirin with his motorcycle through the road across the palm oil plantations to the edge of the Musi river that passes through Karang Agung and Karang Rejo villages. In the past few days, the rain has fallen hardly and made the road difficult to pass. On the way, Pak Tukirin’s tire had a leak. “My tire is leaking, where is the closest tire patch repair?” Cried Pak Tukirin. We responded with a blank look. How can we find a tire patch repair in the middle of a palm oil plantation? We decided to keep going to reach the next TBI library.

Pak Tukirin is not only an important local figure and a supporter of the TBI library in the area, but he had also become a TBI family who contribute to grow reading interest of Indonesian children.

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