Last Wednesday, we visited SDN 01 Tenjo elementary school, which is one of the closest schools to the Si Karel TBI library. There, the Central TBI Team held an event called Ruang Inovator (lit. Innovation Room) for elementary school children in grade 1, 2, 3 and 4. It was a hot day, but that did not stop the children from eagerly waiting for us and the volunteers.

As we arrived, we approached the teachers’ office. A teacher was already waiting for us, ready for the activity. As we went into the classroom, many children approached us and shook our hands. “Will you tell us stories in the classroom?” they asked. We were happy to hear the question and responded cheerfully.

Ruang Inovator is an activity that we do to inspire children and help them understand more about types of professions. Ruang Inovator is delivered by our volunteers with various professional backgrounds. There were three volunteers during our visit to SDN 01 Tenjo, namely Kak Hikma, a librarian, Kak Riris, a human resources (HR) personnel, and Kak Nabila, a writer. There were divided into three classes, where Kak Riris assisted the third class, Kak Nabila assisted the second class and Kak Hikma assisted the fourth class.

Before entering the classroom, all of the children gathered in the schoolyard. We had an introduction amongst us from the central TBI team, the children and the volunteers. We also did a chicken dance game to up the children’s excitement. Everyone was happy and excited to meet new people. At exactly 10:15, it was time for the children to start the class. It was clear that the children couldn’t wait anymore.

Kak Hikma, who assisted the fourth-grade students, brought a photo of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia with her. She told us that she really loved her job as a librarian. Se went on to say that the Indonesian Library is currently the highest library in the entire world. β€œIt’s very good and the facilities are complete, you should visit,” Kak Hikma said. All the children nodded and were astonished. Apparently, none of them had ever visited the national library despite the accessible location. After the story about the library, Kak Hikma also showed us a book about a little bird. She wanted children to keep reading diligently to achieve their dreams. Especially since there is a TBI library near their school.

Kak Nabila, a writer, assisted the second-grade children. She taught the children how to write and how to become a movie director, as working as a writer will open opportunities to be a movie director. In her experience, Kak Nabila even learned to play some roles while shooting for films or talk shows. Children then practiced the works, even though some of them are still shy during the practice. However, despite their shyness, we hope this could further inspire them to reach their aspirations.

Assisting the third grade was Kak Riris, an HR personnel in a private company in Jakarta. Kak Riris told us that in her work, she always met new people to be recruited. She also said that she likes meeting new people, especially meeting the SDN 01 Tenjo students that day. At the end of the program, Kak Riris distributed some paper and stationery and asked the children to describe their goals in paper. The children were very enthusiastic and inspired.

The activity finished at 11:15 a.m., where the volunteer gathered and talked about their experiences in the class. The volunteers had a very pleasant impression of that day and wanted to join other activities held by TBI. We also saw that the volunteers have successfully motivated the children to achieve their dreams. Let’s inspire Indonesian children!

Viva literacy!

(Evlina Karlina)

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