“I finally know that every child is a champion,” Ibu Siti, one of the staff of Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Alfred Russel Wallace library in Ketapang, said, confirming her positive impression as one of the participants of Library Management and Development. In fact, we actually saw a positive and direct impact on the participants during the training.

During our visit in July to TBI libraries in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, 25 participants consisting of teachers, local staff and communities participated in the Library Management and Development Training. In total, there were six materials delivered, namely Introduction to Literacy, Class Management, Learning Method, Program Design, Body Awareness and Storytelling Training. During the delivery of the material, the participants were very active in every discussion and question and answer session. Their enthusiasm sparked despite having to travel around 40 minutes to reach the training location.

The first day started well. Everyone came on time, no one was late. We started the training with Introduction to Literacy where the teachers were encouraged to remember why Literacy is important, followed by a discussion on the efforts made to improve children reading interest. 

The second material was Class Management. It was the favorite material for teachers and staff as it was delivered with practical learning and an applause game. In one of the discussions, one of the teachers raised her hand to say, “Kak, I finally know how to create a fun learning method like this one. So far, I have been teaching with the old rigid way. I really like this material. I am sure that all children have their own type of intelligence and are champions in their own field.” From her statement, we understood that they rarely received this kind of training to support their profession as teachers and that this material could be a new practical knowledge for them.

After the Class Management material was delivered, we continued with Learning Method material. The material was also fun for the teachers as they found new techniques to manage their class. A teacher from SDN 03 Muara Pawan elementary school told us that as a first-grade teacher, he had to teach 50 children in one class. “I’m sometimes confused about how to manage that many children since every child wants different things. From this material, I would apply fun learning methods with discussion groups and songs to make the children happy,” the teacher said. Indeed, we saw a good impression from every teacher who wanted to directly apply the learning method learned.

On the second day, we continued the training with Program Design material, which has been provided in almost every TBI library. The Design program material talked about the potentials, dreams, programs, and objectives of every TBI library. From the program design material, we expect that every TBI library will have a clear program plan when the guidance provided for them is completed so that every TBI library could be independent and develop their potential. The material delivered during the training was received well by the participants. Participants from Kamipala Community, Ketapang English Community, and Muslimah Traveler were also interested in the material. They plan to realize the martial by jointly holding a Literacy Camp in Ketapang involving three TBI libraries in Ketapang. Apart from participating in the training, the communities have also been actively visiting and teaching at the libraries.

The last material on the second day was Body Awareness and Storytelling Training. The key to keeping children interested in reading is to use interesting methods, one of which is fairy tales. Fairy tales are usually taken from storybooks and told with tools, such as dolls. However, this time it was different as the participants used shock puppets and immediately practiced storytelling. The last material was about Body Awareness to recognize important parts of a child that should not be carelessly touched by others. There had been many cases where sexual harassment between teachers and students occurred. We hope that with this material, teachers will understand their duties as educators better.

After two days, the training was completed. It was closed with a review and impressions from each participant. Everyone had a positive impression and would like the training to continue further in the future. The participants realized that every child is a champion. Children do not need to be forced, but instead, the way teachers deliver the material should be changed.

We have seen our hope came true in the training. Teachers, staff, and communities could receive the material very well, with the knowledge that will be applied in the TBI library and school.

We hope that children’s education and reading interest will increase with this training.

Let’s read!

(Evlina Karlina)

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