To celebrate the 74th Indonesian Independence Day, Si Karel Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) library held some competitions on Friday, 16 August 2019. Forty participants participated in the competitions, consisting of children and teenagers, as well as 3 TBI Si Karel volunteers. The participants accumulated points from four posts where they competed and learned about some subjects. In the first post, the participants completed a puzzle and learned about a finger trick to do the Nine’s Times Tables. In the second post, each participant moved a marker with a rope and learned about the Pancasila symbol’s meaning. In the third post, the participants raced to move some water from one station to another with glasses and learned about the difference between organic and inorganic waste. In the fourth post, the participants raced to move some marbles from one place to another and learned about Indonesian independence history.

Before the race started, the participants were divided into 4 groups with animal names. There were rabbit, giraffe, jaguar, and cat groups. One group consisted of several children and one TBI Si Karel volunteer. Meanwhile, the teenagers were involved to help guard the post and oversee the race. Aside from that, each group is also required to prepare a chant to yell before entering the post. The competition ended with a group photo and prize distribution to the winners. The winner of the competitions was the jaguar group that won the most points. The runner up was the giraffe group as the most active group with strong teamwork. In addition to the grand prize, there were also some door prizes for participants who can answer questions on the material learned at each post. We hope that the competitions would make the children learn while playing and reminded them to keep remembering the heroes who had fight for Indonesian Independence. (Renita Yulistiana)

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