As part of Indonesia’s Independence Day celebration in August, Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) libraries have conducted some competitions. Otista (Otto Iskandar Dinata) library, for instance, held some competitions to celebrate the 74th Indonesian Independence Day. The competitions were held on Monday, August 19, 2019, participated by 42 children who lived in the neighborhood around TBI Otista. Since the library was formed because of a collaboration between TBI and Habitat for Humanity, two volunteers from Habitat for Humanity (Ms. Siti and Ms. Reza) were involved in the competitions.

The competitions held at the Otista TBI library were similar to the competitions held at Si Karel TBI library. Participants were divided into 4 groups to complete a puzzle, move markers with ropes, and transfer water and marbles from one station to another. The difference is that TBI Otista did not use several posts in their competitions. Instead, all groups were competing at the same time. The excitement of the participants was clearly seen, especially during the water transfer competition. Their laughter seemed to describe the definition of a carefree life. The competitions ended with a group photo and announcement of the champions. The champions were the two groups with the highest number of points. In addition, two door prizes were distributed to participants who can answer some questions about heroes, aligned with the main purpose of the competitions to celebrate the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia. “The competitions were very exciting and could build a close relationship between children who live around the Mauk area.” Said Heri, a TBI Otista staff. (Renita Yulistiana)

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